Canine hyperadrenocorticism: diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of treatment.

Geert Paes · 30 april 2020

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Even though hyperadrenocorticism (HAC) is the most common endocrine disease in dogs, the diagnosis can be challenging as there is no test that it is 100% reliable. Furthermore, there are many different treatment options for HAC, with each treatment having it`s own advantages and disadvantages. The most popular treatment used by general practitioners is medical treatment with Trilostane. As up to 25% of dogs that are treated with Trilostane develop clinical signs of hypocortisolism in the first 2 years of treatment, close monitoring of treatment is very important. The ACTH stimulation test has been recommended as the monitoring test of choice for dogs receiving Trilostane, but the test has never been validated for this purpose. Furthermore, synthetic ACTH can be expensive in some countries or has limited availability. Because of this, alternative methods of monitoring dogs receiving Trilostane have been investigated.

This course will help you to decide
1) which test to choose for the diagnosis of HAC
2) how to differentiate between pituitary and adrenal dependent HAC (or can it be both?)
3) which treatment to advise to the owner
4) which monitoring test to choose for treatment with Trilostane
Furthermore, an interesting clinical case will be discussed.

The total course duration is minimal 3.5 hours. It consists of different chapters, with each chapter containing a short video of a previously recorded lecture. Furthermore, handouts and interesting literature will be provided and you will be stimulated to independently work up a clinical case. Questions to the teacher can be asked on the online forum.

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Course type: Non interactive – recorded lectures/handouts/reading material/quizzes/independent work up of clinical case
Teacher: Geert Paes, DVM, DipECVIM-ca
Duration: minimally 3.5 hours, at your own pace
EBP orde der dierenartsen (EBP/N/2020/0114): 7
RACE-approved CE credits (course has been submitted for RACE approval): 3.5

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Because this course is accredited for continuous education credits you will have to successfully (minimal 60%) complete a small exam at end of the course. This exam consists of 15 multiple choice questions, that you should be able to answer fairly easily after you have followed the training. If you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, no worries, you can retake the test until you pass it successfully.

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